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Terms Of Use


Terms Of Use



The content of web archives and technology that is used are protected by law. In case it is not explicitly stated, all photos posted on the web archives agency ATA IMAGES are the property of the agency.




Web archive at is owned by ATAIMAGES and access the above site the user accepts all the mentioned general terms of use and it is considered at all times familiar with them.

Using the content, reviewing and visiting the website user also confirms that he understands and accepts all legal provisions of the Law on Copyright and Related Rights and the provisions of other applicable laws relating to the protection of intellectual property and copyright.

Agency ATAIMAGES has the right at any time to change the general conditions of use without prior notice and informing the user.




All photos in the archive are the property agency ATAIMAGES and any third party with whom the agency ATAIMAGES has signed a cooperation agreement.


All photos are created in accordance with professional photographic standards. Web site ATAIMAGES user uses at his own risk and ATAIMAGES is not responsible for any damages resulting from the use of these images, nor for any damage that may result to the user or third party use or misuse of photographs.

Without the consent or agreement of agency ATAIMAGES it is forbidden to use, copy, forwarded to third parties, or use for commercial purposes or any other purpose, nor to any extent.


On the concerned archive is not allowed in any way to spread that encourages the spread of unwanted electronic messages (ie, spam) or similar actions.


All photos taken from the archive ATAIMAGES and published in print, electronic and other media, must be signed with ("photo:author /ATAImages" or "photo:ATAImages").


Failure or wrong signature images is considered copyright infringement in accordance with the Law on Copyright and Related Rights and the agency ATAIMAGES has the right to take all legal steps to protect copyrights, and that requires the user redress.




When registering on the portal ATAIMAGES user is required to enter accurate and truthful information is requested when registering. By registering user becomes fully responsible for all activities resulting from the use of orders.


User Data for accessing content must not be disclosed to third parties, and the agency ATAIMAGES can not be held liable for any damages resulting from unauthorized use of your user account by third parties.


Agency ATAIMAGES without notice or explanation has the right to disable the use of those registered users who suspect that they violated the terms of use.


Abolition of user accounts agency ATAIMAGES does not bear responsibility for any possible damages.




Prices of photographs from the archives are expressed in euros, and payment in dinar equivalent at the exchange rate of the NBS.


There are special packages for media companies.


Possible photos and sales to private individuals for personal, not commercial, use. In the case of misuse of agency ATAIMAGES has the right to take all legal steps to protect copyrights, and that requires the user redress for abuse.


Refund Policy


You may ask for a refund of your purchase within 30 days from the purchase date.

Note that this is possible only if you did not use any of products purchased from us in any way, and that you must provide a well founded reason for your request and your ATAIMAGES username.

If you have downloaded an image that has technical flaws please contact us for a refund of money used for downloading the image or we will send you photo on email address.

If you are not able to download an image, we will refund money, provided that ATAIMAGES determines that you have been unable to download the image successfully.

In case of multiple deduction of money from your account, due to multiple unsuccessful attempts of retrieving the file, you should email support for a full refund.

Downloads are not refunded if more than 7 days from the download date have passed.


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Copyright © 2014, All Rights Reserved.

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