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Purchase Agreement

Purchase Agreement


1.Editorial License:


The editorial section provides news worthy images reflecting events from social, cultural and political scenes. Images downloaded under the Editorial section of our site, as well as images downloaded with our Extended license can be used within editorial context as long as the current terms are met.


The high-resolution images that you download with the editorial license may be used to illustrate truthful articles or broadcasts appearing in magazines, newspapers or any other editorial context, in either printed or electronic media. Buying the high-resolution image (purchasing the license) does not transfer the copyright. You may not claim that the image is your own and you may not sell, license for use, or in any way distribute the image. Special ethical considerations apply to editorial usage. When using or submitting editorial images, you are solely responsible for any claims related to or arising from any visual adjustments of the images. Standard manipulation such as cropping the image or regular brightness/contrast corrections are allowed only if doing this will not affect the visual message of the image. We reserve the right to refuse any image submission that we consider as not marketable.


Editorial Use Only

Files for Editorial Use Only cannot be used for any commercial purposes. These files may contain identifiable brands, locations or people without the proper legal releases needed for commercial use.

They may be used in blogs, magazine and newspaper editorial applications, or other non-commercial uses.




If a purchased File is reproduced in mass media (published on a blog or website, in a magazine, in a newspaper or on TV), a copyright notice must be displayed next to the File. This notice must contain the following text: "photo: author/ATAImages or "photo: ATAImages"]".


License restrictions

Here is what you cannot do with Editorial license:



Under NO circumstances can Files be used for the following purposes:

To make a purchased File available for free downloads;

To create conditions under which the File may be extracted from a product;

To transfer or resell to third parties a sublicense or rights to the File;

To allow third parties access to the File for further use;

To post an unmodified File in format larger than w=1000 x h=1400 pixels (for images) and 640 x 480 pixels (for videos);

To create an official logo, company name, or trademark;

For pornographic purposes;

For any illegal purposes;

For SPAM mailings;

In items or products used to promote racism or other discriminatory practices that could embarrass the File contributor or a person or

model in the File;

For the use, demonstration, and posting of materials in a way that would lead to the conclusion that the model in the File approves of or endorses the items or services of any venture or trademark.


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Copyright © 2014, All Rights Reserved.

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