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Become a co-worker photo agency ATA Images!


Do you want to publish your photos in some of the media who are clients of photo agency ATA Images?! Came across a good scene that you recorded with your camera? Send us your photo, and if you satisfy the criteria, you will also earn!


Photo agency ATA Images is open to talented associates and good photos from both Serbia and the region and the World!

If you have photo news you want to share with the public, please contact us. We will gladly consider your offer! After the examination, if we are interested in the purchase of copyrights, we will immediately and arrange royalties, precisely the same percentage of the price at which they would be offered to customers. Of course, depending on whether we have just us and / or whether we will exclusively sell just one medium or anyone who is looking to ...



Contact us immediately after the shooting - the speed is often crucial.

Quality photography is considered to be sharp, vibrant images that tell a story.

It is desirable to send multiple photos of the same events, in order to complete the photo story.


Not allowed!

Use a digital photomontage

Change the color in a way that does not reflect the reality on the photos

Partially or fully use the filters that affect the sharpness of the image

Send photos that you have not personally author.



With a set of photos in the mail write where and when the photo was taken, and briefly describe the recorded event.

Write the names of persons who are in the photographs ( left to right ) , and keep an eye on the accuracy of these data , because all incorrect ( false ) data can be regarded as deceiving the public , and as such are subject to criminal penalties.


Note: The photos do not pay in cash , but only at the expense with the signing of a contract for work or other legitimate forms of cooperation and photograph each item ( one or more times ) .


Photos or questions can be sent to [email protected]


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